Genesis Block is the official blog of BitInstant LLC, a company on the bleeding edge of Bitcoin's international ascension to the forefront of global finance. 

Based in New York City, the BitInstant team (and sometimes guest contributors) write about all issues related to their work and current initiatives, the Bitcoin monetary system and all its cultural, economic, and philosophical ramifications. 

Genesis Block is intended to be one part corporate communication, one part editorial, and one part community. Bitcoin is a technology which is reshaping not only exchange, markets, and finance, but also social and political structures around the world, in ways few people have internalized. As one of the leaders in this space, we feel it's thus our duty to use this blog as our means of communicating - both formally and informally - with our customers, with Bitcoin community members, and with external observers who will be increasingly taking note of this fascinating phenomenon. 

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-The BitInstant Team